The following online classes are being offered by the Senior Center using the Zoom platform. Additional classes may be added in the future.

The Senior Center will be paying the instructor their regular rate for the Zoom classes.
For all participants, we are using the honor system: This is not about money – it’s all about community and staying connected.  There is a suggested donation of $5 per class (unless otherwise indicated) — send in a check at some point (once a month, perhaps). Please make check payable to Charlotte Senior Center or CSC and send to Charlotte Senior Center, P. O. Box 207, Charlotte, VT 05445. 

HOW TO REGISTER: Email your name, mailing address, phone and the name of the course and day to  Please include your name, mailing address, phone, and the name of the course and day. We will confirm your registration by email. Please send any questions to that address – or leave voicemail at 425-6345.

Exercise & Health

  • Gentle Yoga: Monday 11:00 am with Jean White
  • Pilates Plus: Tuesday 9:00 am with Phyllis Bartling
  • Tai Chi: Tuesday 10:30 am with John Creech
  • Essentrics™ on Wednesday: Wednesday 8:30 am with Sherry Senior
  • Mindfulness Meditation: Wednesday 1:30 pm with Jill Abilock — no fee
  • Pilates: Thursday 8:30 am with Phyllis Bartling
  • Tai Chi: Thursday 10:00 am with John Creech
  • Essentrics™ on Friday: Friday 9:30 am with Sherry Senior

Language Classes

  • French Conversation Circle: Monday 2:30 pm with Alysse Anton until 6/1
  • Spanish Conversation: Tuesday 11:00 am. Course fully enrolled.
  • French Book Club: Tuesday 1:30pm, 4/28-6/2 with Alysse Anton
  • French Coffee Club: Wednesdays 9:30 am, 5/13-6/3 with Alysse Anton
  • French Conversation Gathering: Tuesdays starting 6/9, 2:00–3:00. Ongoing.
    This friendly, self-directed French conversation group is for high-beginners to intermediate French speakers who can carry on everyday conversations. This gathering is not intended for beginning French speakers, nor advanced French speakers.
    No fee; no registration required.
  • Italian Intro: Fridays 1:00 pm, 5/29-7/3 with Nicole Librandi
  • Italian Refresher: Fridays 2:15 pm, 5/29-7/3 with Nicole Librandi

Other Classes

  • Memoir Writing: Thursday 11:00-12:00 with Sandi Detwiler. Course fully enrolled.
  • Gents’ Breakfast Discussion Group — 8:00am, 2nd and 4th Thursdays – no fee

Wednesday Lectures/Events for July

At this time what will happen in the coming months is still uncertain. Accordingly, there are no Wednesday events at 1:00 p.m. in June. Those in July and August may be impacted by limitations on gatherings as well as social distancing. If gatherings are prohibited, there are plans to offer the presentations on Zoom, with a link on this website.

All these lectures/events will require registration in advance by phone 802-425-6345

There will be a quick overview from a public health perspective of what is known about the prevalence of infection, current trends in incidence, and the impact of the virus on mortality. Jim will also discuss the collateral impacts of the virus on the health of the general population and the effects on the health care delivery system, as well as the status of vaccine development, new drugs and treatments and testing. Time will be reserved for Q&A.
Jim is an Emeritus Professor of Public Health at the Tufts University School of Medicine and former Director of Preventive Medicine at the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health. 

7/8: MUSIC with Marty Morrissey, Robert Resnick &Patti Shannon 
Enjoy songs and tunes from Vermont, Ireland and around the United States including folk, country and originals played on a variety of instruments. 

Find out about Vermont’s legal medical marijuana program: the state’s requirements for participation, the types of products patients can purchase, the success of the program, and the use of CBD. The history and science of cannabinoid medical use in the U.S. and throughout the world will also be covered.
Ms. Puches is a Community Educator with Champlain Valley Dispensary. Co-sponsored by the Charlotte Library. 

7/22: KYOTO & BEYOND with Jonathan Silverman 
What makes the Japanese culture so unique? This presentation with images of temples, cuisine, artwork, and historic sites will help illuminate the Japanese rich tradition of attending to aesthetics as well as the challenges of integrating tradition into a contemporary world.
Jonathan Silverman, Professor Emeritus of St. Michael’s College, was a visiting professor at Doshsisha University in Kyoto last fall. Co-sponsored by the Charlotte Library. 

Pilates Exercise Videos

YouTube videos taped by Phyllis Bartling for the Senior Center Pilates — no fee