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Weekly Wednesday presentation will be online Zoom meetings. No registration is necessary. All ages are welcome. There is no fee.

A link to the Zoom meeting will be provided below the description on the day before the event and on the Home page. On the Wednesday of the event, use the Zoom link or information to join the meeting. 

September 2020

9/30: UTAH’S GEMS with Lynn Cummings
Utah’s Gems with Lynn Cummings has been cancelled and will be presented next year.

October 2020

An interactive introduction on how to prepare this important document that helps communicate your medical wishes at end of life. We will review the Vermont Advanced Directive Form, clarify its wording, and learn how to register the form once complete. We will also look at resources to help you complete the forms. Dr. D’Amato is a family medicine physician working at Charlotte Family Health.

10:/14: COVID-19: TEN MONTHS IN, WHERE DO WE STAND? with Jim Hyde
This session will provide a quick update from a public health perspective about what is currently known about routes of exposure, the prevalence of infection, testing, and prevention and control. We will also look at the latest information on vaccine development and new therapeutics. At least half the time will be devoted to Q&A. Jim is an Emeritus Professor of Public Health at the Tufts University School of Medicine and former Director of Preventive Medicine at the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health.

10/21: MEDICAL IMAGING: 1895 TO NOW with Rick Goldman
Take a look at the changes in medical imaging, particularly neuroradiology, which parallel the advances we have seen in the technology we use in our daily lives. Neuroradiologists interpret x-rays, magnetic resonance images (MRI), and computed tomography (CT) scans showing the effect of strokes and cerebral hemorrhages, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and brain trauma. Dr. Goldman was Head of Neuroradiology at Hartford Hospital, 1977-2010.

10/28: A MILE OF ICE ABOVE US with Craig Heindel
Learn about the most recent geologic history of Vermont and the Champlain Valley—from more than a mile of ice over us, to raging meltwater rivers, to a salty sea (home of the ill-fated beluga whose skeleton was found in Charlotte), and then, finally, to some large, higher-elevation lakes.

Recorded Talks

9/16: ESCAPE and SURVIVAL DURING WWII with Ayana Touval
As a two-year old toddler, Ayana had to flee with her parents from Nazi-infested Zagreb in July 1941. The family had no way to know how long the
ordeal would last — or where the dangers loomed. She will tell her story and
some of the lessons learned along the way — which could be useful today.

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9/23: LANDSCAPE and YOUR VISUAL SENSE OF PLACE with Jonathan Silverman
From cave paintings to Impressionism, from Japanese woodblock prints to
contemporary environmental art, artists have used shapes, color, line, and
texture to express their understanding of and relationship to “place.” As
we find resilience during the coronavirus pandemic, we become aware of
our own sense of place and the surrounding landscape in Vermont. Join us
for a look at landscape across history, culture, genres, and artistic intent.
Jonathan Silverman, Emeritus Professor at St. Michael’s College, will
encourage participation by raising questions to invite discussion on our own
visual perception.